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Dive into the Secrets: Halo Infinite's Site Unseen Event Goes Live

Have you seen the Site Unseen event?

Spartan Dinh has awoken from his memories invasion by the Banished AI Iratus, and he's ready to lead us on a new adventure. The Site Unseen event has just kicked off, and players will be able to explore the depths of the Spartan Academy. The event will run from May 2-16, offering players a free new 10-tier Event Pass full of customization rewards for their MIRAGE IIC armor. Completing Event Challenges will help players level up their Event Pass, unlocking rewards as they go.

The New BTB Unlimited playlist is making a comeback, giving players the chance to try out the new Escalation Slayer mode that was introduced in Season 3. Super Escalation Slayer will be the main feature of the playlist, offering players an exciting and action-packed experience.

Players who have gotten good with the M392 Bandit that Dinh gave them will be rewarded with the Pale Shadow weapon coating for their weapon. There's also the Balor Bundle available in the Shop, featuring various items for the MIRAGE IIC armor.

Image via Halo Waypoint Website

Halo Gear Rewards are also making a comeback with the Site Unseen event, offering the fourth and final collectible pin. Players who complete the Site Unseen Event Pass will unlock access to the Bandit Pin. The deadline to complete the event and make the purchase is June 17, so players have plenty of time to unlock this reward.

To claim rewards, players will need to visit Halo Waypoint online or via mobile and sign into their account. The reward code will be delivered via Waypoint notifications, which may take up to 24 hours to arrive. Once players receive the code, they can visit the Halo Gear Shop and proceed with their purchase before entering their code.

If you'd like to know the latest stats and leaderboard information for Halo Infinite, then check out Tracker Network's official page.

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