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This Fan's Demake of Halo: Combat Evolved For Game Boy Color Is Pure Nostalgia Fuel


Bungie's iconic first-person shooter, Halo: Combat Evolved, made its debut on the original Xbox in 2001, quickly redefining the shooter genre and what a multiplayer experience meant. Now, over two decades later, a passionate fan is undertaking a monumental project that is sure to excite any Halo fan.

Reddit user u/mikemill has taken it upon themselves to create a faithful demake of the beloved title for the Game Boy Color using GB Studio. Starting with the Pillar of Autumn, the first level of the game, the project aims to deliver a retro version of Halo that captures the essence of the original while also introducing it to a new audience.

While the demake is still a work in progress, u/mikemill has shared a demo of the first level on Reddit, inviting players to try it out for themselves. The demo can be played on actual Nintendo hardware, the Analogue Pocket, or in-browser via the HTML version. The experience is best enjoyed through downloaded ROM or .pocket files, however, due to sound limitations with the in-browser emulator. You can download or play the project here.

Despite being a demake for a significantly less powerful platform, u/mikemill's project shows the enduring appeal of Halo: Combat Evolved's core gameplay and mechanics. The game's engaging storyline and frantic combat have stood the test of time, and fans can now experience it in a whole new (new?) way.

This impressive project is a testament to the creativity and dedication of the Halo community, and u/mikemill's work deserves recognition. Fans of retro gaming and Halo should definitely check out the demo and follow the project's progress. Who knows, perhaps we'll see a fully-realized demake of Halo: Combat Evolved as well as the rest of the series in the future.

Have you gave the demake a shot yet? Let me know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter @Suttledge


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