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How To Get Better At Halo Infinite's Last Spartan Standing

Struggling to survive, follow these tips

Hey everyone Suttledge here and today we are going to be talking about how to get good at Halo Infinites Last Spartan Standing.

Before we get started if you do prefer videos I put all this information in a video you can find here on my YouTube channel.

The first tip is a tip that goes for just about any mode in Halo and that is to not sprint and over-commit. Halo added sprinting back in Halo Reach when it was an armor ability and since then people have been in a hurry to get to their own graves. In Last Spartan Standing, you want to play the battlefield and choose where you go carefully. This means moving from cover to cover and not running out in big open areas. Sure you may know where the guy is that just killed you, but if you sprint right back over there he will already be expecting you. Instead, focus on a small section of the map and play that area to your advantage.

That leads me to my next tip, location, location, location. You want to make sure where you are fighting from makes sense from a battle standpoint. Get as high up as possible and make sure you have plenty of ways to escape in the event you start to get pinched. Choosing your territory carefully will ensure that you know the area you are in and you can kind of keep track of who is coming into your zone. I highly recommend against just wandering the whole map, this is only going to get you picked off as you'll likely get caught while traveling. Avoid running out in the open without cover.

The next tip I have is for you to know the load-outs you are going to be getting. The flow of Last Spartan Standing is this

Level 1 Disruptor, Sidekick

Level 2 Mangler, Disruptor

Level 3 AR, Mangler

Level 4 Commando, AR

Level 5 Commando, Bulldog

Level 6 Bulldog, BR

Each of these loadouts has its strengths and weaknesses with them and you need to learn when to use each weapon. Remember the Disruptor will apply damage over time to your opponent and will pull down their shields quickly. This is excellent to strip your opponent of their shields and then get a quick swap headshot with the Mangler or Sidekick. When you get up to the AR loadouts I also recommend using the AR to quickly burn your opponent's shield and then finish them off with a headshot from the Mangler or Commando. And of course, when it comes to any loadout with the bulldog if you're up close it's your go-to but if you're at a medium distance or farther away you are going to want to change your loadout.

Now if you're wondering how to get to the Bulldog BR combo quickly that will rely on your ability to collect XP. XP is awarded in a couple of different ways. Kills will award you 100xp. Assists give 50 and if you take a Spartan's last life you will be awarded 200 XP and they will drop an Orb that gives you 300 XP if you manage to collect it. These orbs are marked on the map for everybody to see and they have a completion circle that will also show for everyone as someone is attempting to collect that orb. Use these orbs to your advantage and only attempt to collect if you are in a secure area that you know no one can see you from. If an orb is out in the open, don't be that guy who loses all of their lives trying to collect it, instead use it as bait and sit back from afar and pick people off as they try to grab it. Also, remember how I said there's a visual indicator when someone is trying to collect the XP bubble? Make sure you pay attention to that because people love to use Invisibility to take those bubbles without being caught, you can use that visual indicator to let you know someone is on it!

Speaking of invisibility, make sure you pick up ad any equipment you see. Prioritize Overshield and Camo drops over literally anything else. Currently, these are dropping too frequently in matches so if you ignore them for just a second to go chase down a kill, chances are the next person you run into will be rocking an over shield.

I see a lot of people carry equipment and then die with it, so use your over shield and camo as soon as you get them. If you are able to carry an extra that's great but you need to use any equipment so at best you are always a step ahead on any fight and at worst you atleast used up the equipment you had so now your opponent can't use it.

My final tip is to pay attention when the arena starts closing in. Be like Obi-Wan Kenobi and take the high ground always. The high ground is usually the deciding factor in a final showdown. This will give you the full perspective of the battlefield and you won't end up caught off guard from above.

What do you think of Last Spartan Standing? Let me know in the comments or @Suttledge on Twitter.

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