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HCS Charlotte 2023 Lands February 24th With Exclusive Twitch Rewards

Will OpTic Remain The King Of The Hill?

February 24th will kick off the first HCS Qualifier for the 2023 season. Teams in Charlotte will be looking to pave their path for success as the new season opens up. OpTic Gaming are the reigning champions and will no doubt be looking to secure their spot on top, but with a new year comes the chance for a new challenger.

As year two of Halo Infinite's competitive scene enters into full swing, HCS will be offering rewards for players, attendees, and remote viewers alike. If you are able to attend in person or even view remotely from home, HCS has you covered with the drippiest skin set yet: Death Hex

All you need to do is either show up to get a redeem code or watch the streams live on Twitch on the following days to earn the coat for your weapons:

Days 1-3MA40 ARWatch Charlotte Co-Streamers for 2 Hours
Days 1-3SidekickWatch the main broadcast for 2 Hours
Days 2-3CommandoWatch the main broadcast for 2 Hours
Day 3BulldogWatch the main broadcast for 2 Hours
Day 3BR75Watch the Grand Finals for 45 Minutes

HCS also made the following changes to the format as they look to increase the competitiveness of the new season:

  • Open Bracket: As is customary, there will be an open bracket featured at the Charlotte Major (and every Major in 2023). This will take place on Friday, February 24 and will start and end on the same day. The bracket will be filled by the first 96 teams to purchase a pass. The top 4 teams from the Open Bracket will move on to Pool Play (2 from the Winner’s bracket, 2 from the Elimination Bracket) They will be placed into Pool Play and will have a shot to earn a spot in the Championship Bracket.
  • Pool Play: The Top 12 teams from qualifiers will be starting the tournament from Pool Play on Friday, February 24 competing in a Best of 5 round robin format as is customary. You’ll notice this number is slightly reduced from Year 1. We made this decision to increase the competitiveness of Pool Play, as well as the competitiveness of the Open Bracket. We expect to see more intense matches, a more intense Championship Bracket, as well as more competitive teams coming out of the Open Bracket. As with last year, each of the 4 competing regions will have a set amount of slots in Pool Play and Open Bracket which we’ve also adjusted based on Year 1 results. The regional breakout is as follows:
  • North America: 8 Pool Play slots, 2 Open Bracket Travel Coverage slots
  • Europe: 2 Pool Play slots, 2 Open Bracket Travel Coverage slots
  • Mexico: 1 Pool Play slot, 1 Open Bracket Travel Coverage slot
  • Australia and New Zealand: 1 Pool Play slot, 2 Open Bracket Travel Coverage slots

Get ready, the new season of HCS is right around the corner. If last year is any indication, 2023 is surely going to be another season you are not going to want to miss.

Will you be watching the 2023 HCS season? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @Suttledge


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