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Halo Infinite Tracker Troubleshooting

Some optional ways to solve known issues with your profile search on Halo Infinite Tracker

With Halo Infinite Multiplayer now available, more and more content, features, customizations, and changes are coming to Halo Infinite Tracker.

Feel free to stay tuned with Halo Tracker on Twitter for future updates.

In the meantime, it seems like some of you are having some issues finding their profile. So let's jump right into some problem solving:

It seems that some of you, even if you don't know it, have their Xbox Live Privacy Settings enabled. To enable us to look for your stats, please do the following:

Settings > Accessibility > Scroll to the bottom > Share

After that, you may experience the following:

  • If you have never had an account on site, you might see a 'This player has not played Halo Infinite before' error
  • If you had an account on Halo Tracker before, you might see zero data on your profile with no match history.

To solve all the above, after enabling data sharing, please play a couple of matches, preferably non-bots matches, and wait for 10 minutes before searching for your profile again.

If you have followed the steps above and are still having issues after a few matches, please DM Halo Tracker the following information so we can assist further:

  • Your Xbox Gamertag (Not steam ID)
  • Platform (Steam/Xbox/Windows Store)

Regardless of the above, Your initial profile search might be just a little slow. It's not instantaneous and can take 30-45 seconds to complete. But, after that, it should be as fast as an eagle.

Thank you all, and have a wonderful Halo time.


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10 months ago

Hey man I am wondering why I do not show up on the leaderboards. I should be 312 in the world. What do I need to do to fix this issue. Please and thank you.

10 months ago

Why is my profile private. I have my infinite settings on share . Twitter halo tracker also wont respond. ...

11 months ago

Bro i just wanna see my matches from the last 45 mins they just sopped showing on my profile

11 months ago

My stats show up, but I'm not showing up on leaderboards. I should be around 512th on United States for total kills.

11 months ago

Definitely not working after hours of trying

11 months ago

I've linked my Xbox Live account but still can't find myself when I search my gamertag.

11 months ago

I think I linked the wrong microsoft account to your website and now it won't let me remove it. There's a little trashbucket button to delete it and it works but it comes back every time I reload the page and when I try to enter new information it defaults back to the wrong account. Your website is just awful...

11 months ago

obs overlay not working for lightstream profile on twitch and xbox is gwedo420 i have tried using the integrated lightstream tracker network link and as a url browser plugin ????

11 months ago

Stats won't show up on leaderboards at all anymore

11 months ago

I cant find my stats. Im logged in and you verified my XBox live Account but I cant find my stats when I enter my username there just comes: external server error

11 months ago

Your Xbox Gamertag (Not steam ID): Throwback Platform (Steam/Xbox/Windows Store): Xbox

Account not searching anymore, support your time is appreciated. Please make my account searchable.

11 months ago

My last ranked game was about 5 minutes ago, I qued matches on the 8th of Dec as well. but it shows my last ranked game was 3 days ago.

11 months ago

im trying to use the OBS overlay but whenever i select the profile to use and such it just comes up as UNRATED but has my kd and wr

11 months ago

Same problem here all steps done and didnt see my stats EDIT: I find my profile but when I must find someone who was in my match and then find his matches and then my profile

Dunno why but I taping in searcher my nick right and cant find it only this way

11 months ago

My stats still don't show up. It's been days and I have played many games, can't even search my profile.


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