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Re: Spartan Rank Experience Charts & Graphs My initial predictions were way off. I'm going to be 152 by early august with probably just over 60
Can we have real medal and weapon leaderboards? In halo reach you were able to see a players medal chest and where they ranked for medals, medals/ga
Please add leaderboards/stat tracking for infection. On halo waypoint I can see my games played, K/D, kills, deaths and all of the infection medals. I wo
Re: Stats are not updating It has updated now. Thanks
Stats are not updating I use halotracker to work out how much XP I gain per day and how many games I have played but right
Add social playlist stats to arena playlists. Before BTB went social it had leaderboards, now they seem to have been removed. Please add them back
Re: Spartan Rank Experience Charts & Graphs I'm 103 after almost 2 months and thats not even 10% to max. I worked out I've spent 20% of the hour
Re: Well... what's left of halo 5 nice troll. Learn to use the banshee, I hit an invincible today. Just because its not reach's OP ban
Re: Spartan Rank Experience Charts & Graphs It's going to take over 160 days playtime to get to max rank (assuming 12k credits per hour which is

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