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Your Weekend Playlist Is 'Game Day Slayer'

Game Day Slayer weekend playlist is live! Kick back, relax, and play some games of social Slayer before (and after) the big game.

Halo 5 Forge map brings Star Wars podracing to the masses.

Podracing is probably the best thing about The Phantom Menace, and this latest Halo 5 Forge map helps prove it.

Xbox Live user CaptainDireWolf is the author of a new Halo 5 Forge map that recreates the famous podracing scenes from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The expertly-made map is called The Boonta Eve, which is the name of the tournament in the film.

As of the time of writing, there’s no way to determine winners from losers. However, there are plenty of other notable details. Firstly, CaptainDireWolf did a great job recreating the pods using in-game assets. Dying spawns you in a cage up near the stands to shoot your opponents.

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Welcome to Season 2

We have reset our playlist stats, weapons leaderboard, and medals tracking (which we arent showing yet).

Couldn't get on the weapons LB last season? Well this is a whole new season. Good luck.

By xorth::

#HaloForCrazed - Please take your time to read this.

Over the last few day's we've become very aware of a tragic event that occurred to someone in the Halo community known as TheCrazedSpartan

We urge you to please take a look at this family's GoFundMe page and try support them in anyway possible.

It's not our place to discuss anymore details of the event however we will be sharing and supporting the family as much as we can; please check all of the important links below.

GOFUNDME Support Page
Crazed Spartan's Twitter account

If you opt to donate to the family please only do so via the GoFundMe page.


24 Hour Charity Event - HaloForCrazed (January 30 - 31st) http://www.twitch.tv/haloforcrazed

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