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#WeBack ?

Xbox Announced at E3 today that Xbox 360 Games will be playable on the Xbox One this year.

For all those who love Halo: Reach, that means #WeBack. Great news too, we have stats for it! Cya all on Reach.

Interview with Iron Gaming's 1st 1v1 Champion Karyotic

said:I want to be the best at Halo simply because I WANT TO

Auto: You were recently crowned champion during Iron Gamings first 1v1 tournament. Not just that but, you were undefeated and never lost a round during the entire event. Did you feel any pressure at any time or, did you feel like you had it all under control ?
Karyotic: Having the higher seed, at most times made me feel quite safe at home, not only that, but I knew most of the kids I was going to play from PGL, and I knew most of them didn't stand a chance. It was this, and the fact that I know my 1v1 game is perfect, I have mastered it through much time and dedication, aswell as much put devotion practicing on PGL before the tourney began. So no, I did not feel any pressure during the tourney.

Auto: Did you have any close games? If yes, who was it against?
Karyotic: I had no close games, the farthest anyone even got to me was in the semi-finals against DreamMyReality who got 8 kills on me.

Auto: What has been your greatest accomplishment in Gaming?
Karyotic: My greatest accomplishment in gaming has probably been when I defeated CLG on PGL who were undefeated with a 33 - 0 record.

Auto: Lets dig into a little bit of history for our readers. When did you initially decide to begin playing Halo competitively? What was the first spark of interest for you?
Karyotic: Well believe it or not, before I became a monster at Halo, I was a monster at CoD. Specifically MW2, I loved that game, and I'm not going to lie... I was a pretty big no-life in that game, but after a while I began to become bored because the game was just too easy, I began to 1v4 constantly in search and destroy, and began to not even die most of the time in any playlist. (Of course this was before I knew about money tournaments otherwise I probably would've done that for CoD instead of Halo)

Karyotic: So... I moved to Halo, specifically the first Halo I began to strive to become the best at was Halo: Reach. WAS NOT EASY AT ALL. I remember getting absolutely obliterated when I began to play the "MLG" playlist in that game. It was the biggest pain, (should've not started there...) So, I moved to BTB! (Big Team Battle) This put some more fire to my ego, ya know, made me feel a little better about the terrible memories playing against "good kids" in the MLG playlist? During this time (about 2 months) I met up with a player named Blackwolf WoW (Wolves of War), who was the clan leader, and he said "Hey kid, you're pretty good, wanna join my clan?" And I was growing bored of the simpletons in BTB so I said "Yeah, sure, whatever, I'm bored, let's do something" So we started doing clan battles and during the time we were apperantly "THE GREATESTTT CLAN EVERRRRRR WITH 100nSUmThing WINS AND ONLY 8 loseeessss!!!" And our rival was Joker Nation. During this time, I was new to the clan so only most of the more "higher ranking" competitive players in our clan we allowed to play them. I gained higher rankings though within the clan through battling other, more, mediocre clans with btb kids for competitive players, it was easy.
Karyotic: Then, in Halo 4, (unfortunatly this was the one that people said was "THE WORRRsssTTtt!!!!" or other things like "THAT GAME DOEsN'T EVEN MATTER!") I learned extremely fast how the game was played, and how to be the best at it. After dozens of clan battles in that game, I eventually toppled our rival Joker Nation in so many matches that we were considered the best clan. In our best game we completely devoured the two best players on JN with me and on of my closest friends "Im Exclusiive". With a score of 30 - 7. Here's a link actually to the 2v2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltJB_9e42dA ... YESS MY GAMERTAG WAS WoW DragonMan!!! Give it a rest ppl, no messages on xbl about it, chill immediatly, immediachill...
Karyotic: Anywho, back to the story, after taking down our rival clan Joker Nation and being crowned as, "The Greatest Clan in Halo" at that moment, blinded by the spoils of victory, I soon began to realize that this meant nothing. And that all of it was just a pointless competitive struggle to see who was the best. After being kinda down about realizing that I had just wasted all that time for nothing. I played Halo 4 for another 4 months (this 2013 btw) and I found a group of players on throwdown on H4 (which was like the HCS, or MLG of Halo) who wanted to play some 8s. NOW THAT, WAS FUN, I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU GUYS SAY, IF YOU PLAYED H4 WITH FRIENDS, AND YOU DID 8S???? IT WAS FUNNNNN! (well at least for me) Anywho, after destroying all my friends, i had began to realize that the more i destroyed... The better the players who would block my path or obliteration. then over the winter and through the summer a Halo community tournament site came out known as "Halo Game Changer" HGC, which was really nice because they were REALLY trying to keep the Halo community alive! And I REALLYYYY LOVE THEM FOR THAT (you should too) And that's when I began to play for money, and tournaments. I never won any, but it was worth the shot since I loved Halo. My highest placing in that was an H4 FFA where I placed 4th out of about 64 teams.
Karyotic: When Halo MCC came out, and I Str8 PRACTICED. As much as I could, I would get on PGL and do 2s and 1s, (only because I never had a team to play with in the first place, hence the "BEGINNING" of Halo MCC) all, day. And I realized that after being such a 4s kid for the past 2 years, I realized that I was really good at 1s too! I was undefeatable, beating 1s kids known as cClaim, Shotzzy tK, and ContrA.
Karyotic: And then this tourney came up, and after practicing on PGL for like 4 months, I knew I was ready, and prepared, so I got on, and ****** ****

Auto: Your gamer tag is very unique. Where did it come from? Many gamers have had multiple gamer tags over the years. What names have you gone by?
Karyotic: My gamertag... Well, this part actually has many factors as I thought about this in my Biology class once, the word Karyotic is actually just Prokaryotic without it's prefix "pro" in the beginning.
Karyotic: I chose this gamertag because I was not a pro yet, and if you could figure it out, it was meant to be a joke for when I go pro for interviewers like yourself Auto, and other audiences to figure for themselves.
Karyotic: See I am only Karyotic because I am not pro yet, but I soon will be... ;) Also a Prokaryotic is pretty much the simplest form of a cell. A sort of comparison as you may say to compare this to the dark matter that builds up all of the universe. Except this is for living organisms.
Karyotic: All other gamertags besides: l I Am Better l , Pulse 4s, WoW DragonMan, LN Karyotic 4s, and Karyotic 4s, are classified.

Auto: What or, who has been your greatest influence and, why?
Karyotic: To be honest, I've never had an influence, I want to be the best at Halo simply because I WANT TO.

Auto: Do you have any plans for future events? What are you setting your sights on next?
Karyotic: Yes I will be going to Indy! (still working on the team though, hoping on picking up elevate gabriel and nemesis)

Auto: Which Halo is your favorite Halo?
Karyotic: This may come as a shocker to you guys but, the most fun Halo where I met most of the greatest people, and most comidic and quite intellectual will have to be Halo 4 :) (not going to debate it)

Auto: Do you have any advice for new players looking to get into competitive Halo?
Karyotic: Moving to Halo instead of staying on CoD was a great choice, because the harder the competition, the more I want to win, and winning to me, IS EVERYTHING (not literally)

Auto: Thank you for doing this interview with me for HaloTracker.com and, all of our readers. Would you like to give a shout out to any one or, leave a message for the fans?
Karyotic: Hit me up at GT: Scaryotic and I will do everything in my power to teach you how pros are so good. (I know their secrets *tee hee*)


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