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Exp Charts & Info can be found here!

Halo 5 Stats Update

Arena Stats
- Added Weapons, Medals per Game, and XP Gained.

Warzone Stats
- Added Weapons, Medals, Enemies Killed Time played Charts, and XP Gained. Demo

CSR Population Breakdown New Feature!

Ever want to know how many people are in each division, in each playlist? We got you covered. This is only people who are on Halotracker, not the entire population. But we are loading more players and keeping players up to date, to ensure this is accurate as possible. We're currently 160,000 players and thousands are added daily. Check it out

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By xorth::

Warzone Special Requisition Weapons

After playing over one-hundred games of Warzone and opening up a ton of REQ Packs, I found myself wondering just what some of these special weapons are capable of, and what exactly makes them so special. Looking on the web for a guide of sorts, I simply couldn't find a comprehensive list to answer my curiosity, so here begins a guide to each weapon.

For those of you lost or out of the know on this one. Warzone features unique variants of weapons that provide advanced capabilities compared to their regular counterparts. For example, a Hailstorm Needler has a significantly better tracking ability for its needles, making it a much more deadly weapon on the battlefield. Below is a full list composed of each weapon and their unique abilities:

Own one of the weapons that are missing information? Is something wrong? Please provide us the information in a post!

Rarity Code:
- Common (*)
- Uncommon (**)
- Rare (***)
- Ultra Rare (****)
- Legendary (*****)

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New CSR Stats

/u/SmartAlec13 from /r/halo requested we add CSR ranks within your CSR designation. So we did! Check out your playlist page to see how you rank up within your Champion, Onyx, Diamond, Silver..etc tier.

For the top two, it will be ordered by CSR. For the rest, the ranking is done by Tier, then Win %. Enjoy!

By xorth::
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