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We will be resetting our HTR Score with the restart of the next season, which should be around June 1st. This is due to some abuse, as well as some api errors that caused some bugs in our system and inflated a bunch of peoples site score and made them unreachable on the leaderboards.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reply to this post! Thanks.

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Halo Community Update 05/09/16

May 6th,2016

Matchmaking Search Prefrences

- Available in both Arena & Warzone
- Three different options to choose from:
Balanced (Default) - Based on fireteam's skill and network connection quality
Expanded - Search is expanded to find first match with reasonable skill matching and network connection quality
Focused - Best match based on skill and connection. (Search times may take longer)

Updated Post Game Carnage Report
- Initial PGCR screen will include rewards earned in the match, and up to three rare and legendary medals (all players PGCR will include this information, simply scroll up and down through the player list to view other player data)

- Pressing "A" on any player will open the new Player Recap screen which will include:
All Medals earned from the match, including quantity, medal rarity, and description
Tool of Destruction
Killed Most (see who each player killed most, and how many times)
Killed By (see who each player fell victim to the most, and how many times)
Press LB or RB to view Commendations or Progress from your Recap
Press LT or RT to view Recaps of other players from the match.

Player Movement Updates

- Fixed a bug where Spartan Charge would not properly target enemies at the edges of a red reticle on the horizontal plane.
- Spartan charges with Speed Boost will no longer be a one-hit kill (Yay!)
- Spartan charges with the Gravity Hammer will also no longer be one-hit kills (Yay! again!)
- Increased movement speed while crouching. (No drastic increases, but will allow for crouching to be a viable choice for players to flank and attack)

Additional Memories of Reach REQs Revealed

Additional Armor Sets Revealed

Infection Medal Details & Requirements
- Zombie Hunter - "Kill 5 Zombies without dying"
- Zombie Slayer - "Kill 10 Zombies without dying"
- Hell’s Janitor - "Kill 15 Zombies without dying"
- Hell Jumper - "Kill 20 Zombies without dying"
- Zombicide - "Kill 25 Zombies without dying"
- The Cure - "Kill 30 Zombies without dying"
- Infector - "Infect 2 Survivors without dying"
- Carrier - "Infect 3 Survivors without dying"
- Ravager - "Infect 4 Survivors without dying"
- Plague Bearer - "Infect 5 Survivors without dying"
- Lord of the Flies - "Infect 6 Survivors without dying"
- Last Man Standing - "Be the last man standing in a game of Infection"
- Infected - "Infect a survivor"
- Ancient One - "Survive an entire round as a Zombie and convert at least one Survivor"
- Survived - "Live through the Zombie Apocolypse"
- Resourceful - "Kill a Zombie when all of your weapons are empty"
- Stalker - "Assassinate a Zombie”
- Flatline - "Kill the last man standing in a game of Infection"

Memories of Reach Live Stream

Live stream event: Wednesday, May 11th starting at 3:00 PM PST @ twitch.tv/halo

Check out the full 343i Community Update and stay tuned to twitch.tv/halo & The Halo Channel for your first look at the new Memories of Reach update going live May, 2016



The widely requested mayhem that is Infection is also receiving final tweaks and polish. We’re playtesting the game type across a variety of dev and community maps, and precision tuning is nearly complete. Let’s unveil a few specifics on the game mode:

  • Total player count: 12

  • Number of rounds: 4

  • Round time limit: 3 minutes each

  • New Custom Game option: “Last Squad Standing”

  • Spartans have all Spartan abilities (naturally!)

  • Infected have Thrust, Smart Scope, Stabilize

  • New medals

  • FORGE ???

    Tom French and Mike Byron from the Forge team are back with another cryptic clue of what’s on the way. I’m guessing it comes as absolutely no surprise that they have once again, and without comment, sent over a cryptic screenshot for this blog.


    This week, we’re pulling back the curtain on some of the goodness you’ll find in Memories of Reach. Stay tuned next week for the full reveal, including a few specific armors (and more!) you may be looking forward to. Memories of Reach will include a bunch of new stuff, and will also bring the Spartan's Armory REQs into the REQ pool.

    I'll just leave this here:

    That’ll do for this week, friends. We’ll be back with plenty more from Memories of Reach next week, and we do hope you’ll join us. Oh, and as a note, we're extending the April Season by one day, meaning the May season will begin on Monday, 5/2. If you haven't yet qualified for a playlist, 1) you should play more and 2) you've got an extra day to do so.

    Full news post can be read here.

    Arena Medals Leaderboard

    We're please to release our Arena Playlist Medals Leaderboard!!! Check it out. Look up you and your friends to find your position on the board!

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