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Re: Htr reset due to gamertag change I'll talk with Xorth about this; it shouldn't completely reset itself.
Re: Stats not updating Now if only Penguin would invite me to his games once in a while before my squad gets on [salt].
Re: Add social playlist stats to arena playlists. Social playlists do not appear in the Halo API, so we don't have data for it. The only reason we had
Re: Plasma turret kills in warzone Can you link me to a game where you picked up more than two kills with a Plasma Turret? I only ask f
Re: Spartan Rank Experience Charts & Graphs [quote=WWG xAdrian28x]It takes 50 Millions TOTAL XP to reach maximum rank in HALO 5[/quote] Yep.
Re: Did you guys change the way Kda is calculated??? [quote=Awake ixi]Plus in game it's still haven't change! Do what's the point. I played 20 days of w
Re: Did you guys change the way Kda is calculated??? K/D is a measure of your player kills compared to your player deaths. Players could camp a base, and
Re: Did you guys change the way Kda is calculated??? This is correct, we no longer account for Marine kills. [url=http://halotracker.com/Forums/Post/3
Re: [Site News] Halo 5 Clip Submission Thread Clip: [url=http://gamed.tv/g/2384/2084/gungoose-savagery]http://gamed.tv/g/2384/2084/gungoose-savage
Re: Halotracker Feature Requests [quote=Skitzo Echoes]Have leaderboards for medals and weapon kills across both arena AND warzone. T
Re: Gamertag is connected to an old halo tracker account, can I transfer it? [quote=Alex333]That doesn't work. I just changed my gamer tag and wanted to migrate my reach stats o
Re: What did you get for Christmas? [s]I know what I [i]will[/i] be getting, come tomorrow. A ton of Christmas Noobs and a slight bump i
Re: Halo 5 CSR [quote=xDanyol 28]When btb came out i missed the launch of it by maybe a week or so and when i did g
Re: Spartan Rank Experience Charts & Graphs [quote=dl THUND3r lb]Do we know if you get more completion XP as you rank higher? I know in Reach I
Re: [Site News] New CSR Stats [quote=Halo2Brian]Highest CSR Attained seems to no longer be working. Looking at the graph for slay
Re: [Site News] New CSR Stats [quote=Chris Allison]hmmm on my profile when I view my rank in FFA up at the top under CSR stats it
Re: Question about champion rank in HaloTracker Hey SyntaxCheck! Good games in Rumble Rockets over the weekend! ;) Unfortunately this issue lies
Re: Rumble Rockets Icon on Profile Page [quote=reth1nk]How come the icon for Rumble Rockets is showing it as Onyx 1897 when I should have Ch
Re: Halo 5 Balancing [quote=Clint0nSt0thard]The only thing I agree with jackpot on is marine spawing inside bases randoml
Re: RANK RESET Each playlist is calculated individually, and a total site score runs independently as well. It's no
Re: Halo 5 Balancing The problem is that many of your complaints come from the staples that define Halo as a franchise. Y
Interest Survey, HaloTracker Game Night (Warzone) Hello everyone; as you may remember HaloTracker had a history of running monthly Game Nights where w
Re: My final review [quote=xorth]If you don't like OPs opinions, debate him/her peacefully. [/quote] What's disappoi
Re: Warzone Special Requisition Weapons [quote=Vek]lunch radius[/quote] Darn, I was trying to get this done before I grabbed a bite to ea
Re: HTR Site Score [quote=HGDave]Hi I tried linking my gamertag to this account but it said my gamertag was already lin
Re: Free Agent: ze Impulse [quote=ze Impulse]I have been playing since the start of H3. took a long break when Reach dropped an
Re: Halo 5 Balancing [quote=Jackpot4]When I talk about the BR, I mean base damage. A standard BR. It is inconsistent an
Re: Warzone Special Requisition Weapons [quote=AR to the Knee]Open Hand: Rare boltshot that fires swarm of tracking bolts with each press of
Re: [Site News] Weekend Playlist Updates and Map Additions! I'm glad Truth is being put into rotation, I was wondering what was going on with it.
Re: Warzone Special Requisition Weapons [quote=jerbear moodboon]I'm not at my Xbox right now so I can't take a screenshot but the Appetite f
Warzone Special Requisition Weapons After playing over one-hundred games of Warzone and opening up a ton of REQ Packs, I found myself wo
Re: Halo 5 CSR [quote=HKJGgd] I imagine headshot ratio, missed shots, etc help determine your CSR. [/quote] I d
Re: Breakout Customs We have something like this in mind already. Stay tuned. The more interest that there is, the more l
Re: Halo 5 CSR [quote=AR to the Knee]It's you then who is incorrect. I got placed in Platinum after winning 9 out
Re: Special bonus if you purchase Halo 5 on a military base The official name for these are Challenge Coins, and they've become rather popular in the US recentl
Spartan Rank Experience Charts & Graphs Curious on how much XP you need to hit the max rank in Halo 5: Guardians? Worry no more! A simple qu
Re: Halo 5 CSR [quote=Hey Im Swat]CSR is based on individual performance rather than team. [/quote] [quote=Yewish]
Re: Site Bugs [quote=Chiller]Broken link on the ESL news article on the front page.[/quote] Fixed.
Re: Site Bugs [quote=B]Strange. Browser error on my part perhaps?[/quote] Not quite sure, Xorth should take a l
Re: Site Bugs [quote=B] If a person's gamertag has a space in it, their recent games tab doesn't work because the
Re: HTR Site Score [quote=Steven Brock]Why is my HTR negative? last night before i went to bed it was 2,200 and i was i
Re: HTR Site Score [quote=V0LTAGE]I tried still don't see myself. .. is there a certain amount of games needed. .. i di
Re: HTR Site Score [quote=V0LTAGE]Thanks for the info! :) Oh how do i reset my stats to add myself to the local leade
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