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Re: What did you get for Christmas? $100 gift card to best buy $100 in xbox cash 1 year xbox live subscription clothes movies choc
Re: My final review I can assure you I am no 'internet' Veteran. I show you my DD214 and my promotion warrants if you ne
Re: My final review I am a US Marine Corps Veteran. And I can tell you this. Camping, does happen in real war. Figh
Re: My final review I just want to leave a little something saying this, All the reports you send, especially the fal
Re: Post Your Ride! [quote=Hal][img]http://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo23/Halbarand/dirtyfj_zps6vcarqop.jpg[/img] 2
Re: Post Your Ride! [quote=Mutant Dan]How's your luck been with your Focus? I had a 2012, and the transmission was crap
Re: Halo 5's first free update! ''Battle Of Shadow & Light'' [quote=Hey Im Swat]Top image of this post needs to be decreased in size, a lot of scrolling needed o
Re: Site Bugs new groups have crashed the groups header on main navigation bar. Also, while trying to edit mem
Re: [Site News] Welcome to the new Halotracker It's great to be back. And this HTR is bound to be the best iteration yet. I can feel it. Or is
Introduce Yourself! Welcome to Halotracker! We all know how these threads go, so let us hear all the things about you
Post Your Ride! Let's see your wheels! But do post your actual vehicle, not one of fancy or that you wish to own pl
Post yourself! Well, it was on old HTR, so why not bring it back? Post your mug here and show us the man, or woman

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