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Re: Did you guys change the way Kda is calculated??? [quote=Awake ixi]Plus in game it's still haven't change! Do what's the point. I played 20 days of w
Re: H5: Huge Drop in Warzone K/D and K+A/D on 1/4 [quote=xlouis villian]Awesome, thanks for clarifying! Never thought it made sense that marine kil
Re: What did you get for Christmas? I got numerous gift cards, some clothing, new slippers (fuck shoes!), and a new pressure cooker.
Re: What did you get for Christmas? [quote=Sorge]-Xbox One with Fallout 4, Halo 5, et cetera -Money And a bunch of deodorant, I don't
Re: Accidentally made two accounts [quote=S0m3 DUd3 666]Mainly because the other is linked to my facebook. I want to link my facebook t
Re: Spartan Rank Experience Charts & Graphs [quote=Darkened Night][quote=dl THUND3r lb]Do we know if you get more completion XP as you rank high
Re: HTR Site Score [quote=Demoralisor]Hi, its been over a month since my HTR score dropped from 11,860 to 1560 and it h
Re: Post Your Ride! ITT: Post your Ford Taurus. /s
Re: Warthog Tutorial for Halo 5 :: by the Halowheelmen [quote=Gorillars]Hello fellow Halo players, [/quote] Good stuff. I will definitely have a more t
Re: HTR Site Score [quote=Luke_Pollard]my htc score basically reset itself and is way off what it should be? i was o
Re: Accidentally made two accounts [quote=S0m3 DUd3 666]Accidentally logged in with my facebook account without linking it to my curren
Re: Post yourself! Senior Year [img]http://puu.sh/lwKLs/10446d96bb.jpg[/img]
Re: Interest Survey, HaloTracker Game Night (Warzone) I'm all in!
Re: Introduce Yourself! Ayyyy.. BigL AKA Terry here. Most of you know me. I have been a site staff member since early on
Re: Site Bugs [quote=Josleyn]Hello! Only my SWAT ranks are showing- for instance http://halotracker.com/h5/arena/J
HaloTracker Forum and Chat Rules Please understand, that if you violate or abuse these rules and guidelines, your comments/posts may
Re: [Site News] Weekend Playlist Updates and Map Additions! [quote=Hey Im Swat][quote=TheBigL][/quote] Is there even Gravity hammers in Halo 5?[/quote] I
Re: [Site News] Weekend Playlist Updates and Map Additions! [quote=FRYMEN]We need Ricochet back![/quote] While I wasn't a HUGE fan of ricochet, like some wer
[Site News] Weekend Playlist Updates and Map Additions! [center][img]http://i.imgur.com/VC7Qnem.png[/img][/center] While the 343i Weekly Update won't be
Re: Site Bugs [quote=K3rm1t 51]The date on my tracking stats is wrong. It is posting my stats from yesterday (Nov
Re: Site Bugs [quote=VerruckterSchakal]new groups have crashed the groups header on main navigation bar. [/quote]

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