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ANNOUNCING ANVIL'S LEGACY! [img]https://content.halocdn.com/media/Default/community/blogs/anvilslegacy_visid_horizontal-73ff3fd
Epsilon's 'Jimbo' recaps his time over at the Xgames Event! [youtube]L3qHLAH5yCo[/youtube]
The first 7 teams have now secured a spot at the Halo World Championships. [img]https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CatCenqW8AMm5jv.jpg:large[/img]
Your Weekend Playlist Is 'Game Day Slayer' [center][color=#FF9900][b]Game Day Slayer weekend playlist is live! Kick back, relax, and play some
Halo 5 Forge map brings Star Wars podracing to the masses. [center][b]Podracing is probably the best thing about The Phantom Menace, and this latest Halo 5 For
#HaloforCrazed 24 Hour charity Stream! [center][u][b]About[/b][/u] [color=#00FF00] Adam Bartels, aka Thecrazedspartan, and his wife Rebec
[Site News] #HaloForCrazed - Please take your time to read this. [center][img]https://2dbdd5116ffa30a49aa8-c03f075f8191fb4e60e74b907071aee8.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/84059
HALO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFIERS BEGIN! [color=#FF9900][b]The first online qualifiers for the Halo World Championship begin this weekend! Te
[Site News] The Cartographer's Gift update is LIVE Couple HTR Notes: - We have backed up your Season 1 Arena Stats. We're working on getting them on
WEEKEND PLAYLIST POLL 12.01.15 [center][img]https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CVLSnK1UwAAVI37.jpg[/img][/center] Each weekend, 343i ar
[Site News] HALO 5 | MAX RANK, XP BREAKDOWN [youtube]gp9_tuvMxag[/youtube] [url=http://halotracker.com/Forums/Post/2687/29/spartan-rank-exper
The Internet vs. 343 Industries! (European Halo Event w/ 343) [center][img]https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CTtXIbRUAAAIPZu.jpg[/img] <iframe src="http://player.twi
Halo 5's first free update! ''Battle Of Shadow & Light'' [img]https://content.halocdn.com/media/Default/community/blogs/images/dlc_pack_1_chopped_1120-b7823d
WEEKEND PLAYLIST POLL 11.10.15 [center][img]https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CTfikiZUsAAcB8S.jpg[/img][/center] Each weekend, 343i ar
[Site News] HALO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP REGIONS & PRIZING UPDATE [img]https://content.halocdn.com/media/Default/community/hcs/Evergreen/hcs-s2-fb-banner_v2-60f749d39
HALO 5: GUARDIANS WEEKEND PLAYLIST POLL [img]https://content.halocdn.com/media/Default/community/bulletins/Images/2014/fullsize/halo-canon-f
HaloTracker Arena Stream! [u][b]We Are Live On Twitch! Come and say hello![/b][/u] <iframe src="http://player.twitch.tv/?ch
[Site News] The Internet vs. 343 Industries! (European Halo Players) [youtube]Y32-N-nKSDQ[/youtube] Prove yourself against the pro’s and bring home a Philips UHD Ambi

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