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Re: Halo: Reach server down?? Meh its not only reach lol it's actually quite a few halos the servers are down for.
Re: Halo: Reach server down?? Thanks Swat, sorry about that. Didn't know.
Halo: Reach server down?? Server has been down for 2 days now, is this like last time & gonna get fixed?? :( as soon as you lo
Re: Halo: Reach Stats Request Not for halo: reach, i lost everything until i changed my name back.
Re: Halo: Reach Stats Request It's funny it can't be helped, so I guess i got lucky? Because my stats are still updating now that
Re: Halo: Reach Stats Request So you guys cant help me out at all? I even got my GT back to Almighty Devour.
Halo: Reach Stats Request Hi, I changed my Xbox 360 gamertag recently and lost all my stats for Reach. Im posting here looking

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