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Re: Need a GT Change on the Legacy Site? - Click Here! Sorry for the delay guys, been pretty busy. But I set stuff up for: Timmy5000timmy Audoya Murrphy
Re: I want to combine my accounts on the legacy website. [quote=Timmy5000timmy]Hey guys I want to combine my accounts for the legacy site but I don't know ho
Re: Need a GT Change on the Legacy Site? - Click Here! [quote=TheF1nnIshFall]Old GT: Aresmieesss New GT: TheF1nnIshFall Thank You very much[/quote]
Re: Need a GT Change on the Legacy Site? - Click Here! [quote=RoflCoptor501]Old gt: biggoat666 New gt: RoflCoptor501 Thanx![/quote] Ok, I set everyt
Re: Need a GT Change on the Legacy Site? - Click Here! [quote=Talisky][mention]B[/mention] Gt1 UNS Sky Gt2 Talisky I lost my ranking halo tracker scor
Re: Need a GT Change on the Legacy Site? - Click Here! [quote=Vidal Cyrus]GT1: Vidal ESP GT2: Vidal Cyrus[/quote] Ok. Give the site ~24 hours for every
Re: Leaderboards [quote=CHIEFxAMIELx117]I wanna see where I sit on the regional leaderboards for the sniper rifle in
Re: Introduce Yourself! I'm weird
Re: Need a GT Change on the Legacy Site? - Click Here! [quote=OB3Y to Tango]Hello you amazing people! I am here to request a gamertag change, as I will be
Re: Need a GT Change on the Legacy Site? - Click Here! [quote=MrSir 1981]Ah! Just what I was looking for.... Old GT on Legacy Site: harp00n fattie
Re: Need a GT Change on the Legacy Site? - Click Here! [quote=BrinyBus] Old Gamertag: BrinyBus928036 New Gamertag: OnyX Mentalist [/quote] Done
Re: Need a GT Change on the Legacy Site? - Click Here! [mention]I Itz Legend l v2[/mention] Just to be clear you want me to change your GT [b]from[/b] I I
Need a GT Change on the Legacy Site? - Click Here! If you need a GT change on the legacy site (Reach / H4) reply to this thread and we will sort everyt
Re: Changed GT - Need stat transfer! [quote=Julle]I changed my GT a few weeks ago and I don't know how to transfer my stats. My new GT wo
Re: Changed GT - Need stat transfer! [quote=Who is that Kid]I changed my tag but couldn't find the thread on the legacy site. Old GT:
Re: HTR Score screwed up [quote=Travis Bron]hey guys, My htr was at 196 for warzone a few days ago. On that evening
Re: Can't sign into my original halotracker account that I created on the Halo 4 page/Legacy. [quote=Thedailyoriginal]That doesn't make sense but okay lol...[/quote] Basically what he's sayin
Re: Ranks [quote=Hey Im Swat][quote=Aftermath tv] [/quote] Hi, [mention]Aftermath tv[/mention] Your game
Re: Changed GT - Need stat transfer! [quote=In IVIisery] I also have the supporter status (I know that the supporter statistics for lega
Re: Changed GT - Need stat transfer! [quote=In IVIisery][quote=In IVIisery]Okay, so I recently changed my gamertag and I was hoping that
Re: New GT? Legacy stats? [quote=Zyron]So I changed my gamertag recently from xz3n0r to Zyron and I recovered it and changed i
Re: I don't appear on the leaderboards for some reason, I have an account as well. [quote=Potxnt]I have played well over 50 games with my new alias which is Potxnt, I linked my accoun
Re: Warzone k/di Waypoint includes marine kills in their Warzone K/D, we do not. Waypoint will generally have a highe
Re: Halo: Reach Stats Request [quote=Dr RonSKii SpeeD]Sorry I know im late but im going through the exact same problem anyway I ju
Re: Big Team Battle leaderboards [quote=Beer]Why is BTB not being tracked at all? Even though it's a "social" playlist, I still think
Re: Stats not updating [quote=STR8KILLIN52]I was just checking my local ranking on kills and other things and noticed it sa
[Site News] Warzone Firefight Beta Now Live [img]https://content.halocdn.com/media/Default/home/hero/warzone-ff_visid_hero-1920x675-84b862201133
[Site News] 343 Community Update [center][img]http://i.imgur.com/EwTaS5r.png[/img][/center] [center][size=25][color=#FFFF33]March 31
Re: Halo 5: JumpTactic Coliseum (NEW) Hey, this is awesome. I'm gonna have to try some of these jumps out next time I play that map. Great
Re: Changed my gamer tag and lost my true skill plz [quote=xxxxdevorexxxx]Hi some one told me i could get my old skill back if i do leave a posy all of
[Site News] 343 Community Update [center][img]http://i.imgur.com/EwTaS5r.png[/img][/center] [center][size=25][color=#FFFF33]March 25
Re: [Site News] Halo 5 Weapons Leaderboard Released [quote=Muffinize]Will there be leaderboards for weapons across every single playlist (i.e. all ranke
[Site News] First Look at Warzone Firefight [youtube]7bddeydgVlw[/youtube] The first official gameplay for Warzone Firefight was revealed at
Re: Site Bugs [quote=Legendary Nova][quote=Hey Im Swat]I will get [mention]xorth[/mention] to look into this.[/quo
[Site News] The Calm Before The Storm [center][url=https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/blog-posts/halo-community-update-the-calm-
Re: I would like to share my newest creation with you guys: Chibi Champions. [quote=LeviRAGES][quote=Morarn]just FYI, your "ChibiChampions.com" link just links straight back to
Re: Halo: Reach Stats Request [quote=OSA Taskmaster][quote=Hey Im Swat]Sorry but we no longer offer support for Reach/Halo 4 stats
[Site News] Hammer Storm Update is Now Live! [center][url=https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/blog-posts/the-storm-is-coming][img]http:/
Re: Halo 5 kills count [quote=Papane]So, when i look at my stats from "Arena Detailed", there is "Performance Stats" and ki
[Site News] New Permanent Social Playlist Now Live [url=https://twitter.com/Halo/status/700730149495398400][center][img]https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cbl
Re: Can you get my gamertag to change [quote=Odstoverdose]I did it said bungie account not found or whatever[/quote] What is your curre
Re: Can you get my gamertag to change [quote=Odstoverdose]It's been about a month[/quote] What are you asking? If you changed your Game
Re: Stats not updating [quote=a petty penguin]My halo 5 stats haven't updated for the past 4 days. What should I do? I have
Re: My Montage ;) [quote=HG Iluvatar]I'm French and this is my first montage on Halo 5 ! https://www.youtube.com/wa
Re: Did you guys change the way Kda is calculated??? [quote=Awake ixi]I just took a full 1.5 Kda drop in 2 days. It's impossible I haven't been playing
Re: Incorrect kda.. [quote=Prestie]It says my kda in warzone is 1.9 when it's actually 2.4 it says 2.4 in game on
Re: Halotracker Feature Requests [quote=Deeum Son]I sent a pm before seeing this forum. But I strongly suggest Spartan company leader
Re: What did you get for Christmas? - Bunch of movies - Bunch of movie gift cards. - Orange shoes, clothing. - Money. - Chocolate.
Re: HTR Site Score [quote=HND dragoenx]Why is my rank so high on leaderboards even though there are so many more better
Re: Gamertag is connected to an old halo tracker account, can I transfer it? [quote=HGDave]Is it possible to transfer my Xbox live gamertag over to this new account? What do I h

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