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Hammer Storm Update is Now Live!

The Hammer Storm Update is now live!

Quick Rundown of the Patch
- New Arena Map: Torque
- New Gametypes: Grifball, Assault, Fiesta Slayer
- Gravity Hammer added to Warzone, Arena and Forge
- Halo: Combat Evolved M6D Pistol added to Warzone and Forge
- Players can now “re-roll” random weapon REQs in Warzone
- Expanded and restructured color palette from 32 to 60 colors for Armors, Helmets, and Emblems

To see the announcement post for the patch, click the image above.
To see the full patch notes, click here

343 Community Update

February 19th, 2016

Permanent Playlists Update

- Social CTF is now live
- More playlists, game type, and community playlists to come

Hammer Storm Live Stream

Tuesday, Feb 23rd @ 3:00 PM
Catch it at: twitch.tv/halo & The Halo Channel

New Arena Map: Torque First Official Image

Additional REQs Revealed

- New weapons, armor, emblems, and skins

First Official Image of Grifball

Check out the full 343i Community Update and stay tuned to twitch.tv/halo & The Halo Channel for your first look at the new Hammer Storm update going live February 26th!

New Permanent Social Playlist Now Live

Based on feedback from the community, there is a new permanent Social playlist featuring rotating gametypes. This week is Social CTF!

The gametype will carry into next week, so even if you're busy on the weekend you can still take part.

343 Community Update

February 12th, 2016

Valentine's Double Date Playlist

- 2v2 Social Slayer
- Customer colors and themed Breakout maps
- Halo 2 BR Starts
- 30 kills to win

Multiplayer Updates

- Removing featured weekend playlists (Some limited edition playlists may still make an appearance, but on a much less frequent basis)
- New permanent social playlists
- Social CTF begins next week

Hamerstorm Update

- Scheduled for release on 02/26/16
- Includes new game modes for Assault, Grifball, and Fiesta Slayer
- Allows for assault and ricochet game types to be used in Custom Games

New Arena Map: Torque

New REQ unlocks

Color Changes

- Expanded colors for armor and emblems from 32 to 60
- Replaced emblem "harmonies" with standard primary, secondary, and tertiary colors
- No restrictions on color combinations
- Colors will carry over to Waypoint

Emblem Color Selection Preview

New Colors Preview

Stay tuned to twitch.tv/halo for a future stream highlighting the February updates!

Arena REQ Bundle - Available Feb. 16th

Beginning on Tuesday, February 16th, 2016, 343i will have a new Arena REQ Bundle available for purchase in the REQ store. The Arena REQ pack bundle will include 14 Arena REQ packs, providing two REQ packs every week for 7 weeks. This REQ bundle focuses on unlockable visual customization options ( visors, weapon skins, armor, helmets, etc.)

Similar to the Warzone REQ Packs, the Arena REQ pack will be available to purchase for $24.99 and can only be purchased/downloaded once per profile.

The Arena REQ Bundle is guaranteed to include the Mark V Alpha armor set inspired by Master Chief's armor in Halo: Combat Evolved, as well as additional chances to unlock Mythic and Legendary visual customization options.

You can find all of the details about the new Arena REQ Bundle here

343 Community Update

February 5th, 2016

While this is a few days late, here are some of the highlights of the 343 Community Update

Game Updates
- Update in matching algorithms to reduce matchmaking wait times for certain players
- Champion Rank will require minimum CSR of 1800 instead of 1500
- Highest CSR after placement matches is now 1700
- New Multiplayer Blue:

Arena Playlist Updates
- Arena Breakout removed from Team Arena Playlist
- Top Community Breakout maps added to Breakout playlist

Warzone REQ Changes
- Reduced REQ level requirements for certain weapons

Full list of REQ level changes

New Game Modes

Assault (AKA Neutral Assault)
- Ball carrier melees are insta-kills
- Ball carrier receives extra thrust
- Same spotting mechanisms as in CTF
- Increased Arm Times
- Modified spawn zones
- Instant arm time reset if ball is picked up by the opposing team
- Will allow ground pound, thrusters, and ball throwing
- Randomized weapon loadouts

What changes have you most excited?

Full Community Update

Halo 5 Forge map brings Star Wars podracing to the masses.

Podracing is probably the best thing about The Phantom Menace, and this latest Halo 5 Forge map helps prove it.

Xbox Live user CaptainDireWolf is the author of a new Halo 5 Forge map that recreates the famous podracing scenes from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The expertly-made map is called The Boonta Eve, which is the name of the tournament in the film.

As of the time of writing, there’s no way to determine winners from losers. However, there are plenty of other notable details. Firstly, CaptainDireWolf did a great job recreating the pods using in-game assets. Dying spawns you in a cage up near the stands to shoot your opponents.

Read the full story

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