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#HaloForCrazed - Please take your time to read this.

Over the last few day's we've become very aware of a tragic event that occurred to someone in the Halo community known as TheCrazedSpartan

We urge you to please take a look at this family's GoFundMe page and try support them in anyway possible.

It's not our place to discuss anymore details of the event however we will be sharing and supporting the family as much as we can; please check all of the important links below.

GOFUNDME Support Page
Crazed Spartan's Twitter account

If you opt to donate to the family please only do so via the GoFundMe page.


24 Hour Charity Event - HaloForCrazed (January 30 - 31st) http://www.twitch.tv/haloforcrazed

Halo 5 Weapons Leaderboard Released

We have released our Weapons leaderboard! You can query by:

-Playlist or All Playlists summed up
-Total Kills or Kills Per Game
-Your gamertag to find your spot

Check it out

KD Report

This was requested on reddit/r/halo. We added a tab so you can see more KD history. Here is a screen shot, check your stats to see your own:

Behind the Scenes

Happy New Year!

Behind the scenes we've done a few changes, just a heads up.
- Warzone KD will now remove Marine kills. So everyones KD will go down slightly, depending on how much you pick on the poor marines.
- We are now storing weapon kills for our upcoming weapons leaderboard, woohoo right?
- We should handle gamertag changes better going forward, we'll see. If you live and die by your HTR Score, don't roll the dice and change your gamertag.

More features coming soon.

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