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Phoenix v2
Phoenix v2

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Tell us about yourself.
My name is Austin, I attend BGSU, I enjoy pretty much any form of competition, (watching, playing, etc.) This is probably what led me to start playing Halo since it was the most competitive game on xbox at the time I purchased it.

What is your Gamertag and why did you choose it?
My Gamertag is Demonicide, I had several former aliases but after I came back to Halo after a year hiatus I needed a change, after some time and thinking, I decided I wanted to be demon killer, and made my own word up. Demonicide

Have you ever competed in any events?
I will be competing at AGL Nashville, 1st big competition!

What go you into streaming?
Honestly, I enjoyed watching Matt Excelz stream in Reach. None of my friends at the time streamed, so therefore I bought the necessities to stream. I enjoyed the entertainment he provided, and I wanted to do the same.

How long have you been streaming for?
About 9 months

What days and times can you normally be found streaming?
I stream at odd times, but usually any day but Sunday between 3 p.m and 5 a.m

How did you find out about Halotracker?
I learned about Halotracker because I wanted to get back into Halo during Reach. The ranks on HTR brought me back to Halo, single handedly.

A Happy 20th Birthday today to Demonicide! We are happy to have you in the Halotracker community!

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my psychologist
my psychologist

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great interview, great to see others having similar interests/gaming experiences!!!


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jesus what an interesting interview