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Thanks to podtacular for the full panel video!

It's quote a long video which includes info regarding the past, present and future of Halo 4 Multiplayer. They showcased the new "Forge Island" and did a Q & A towards then end. I have listed below all the main questions and answers for your convenience.

Q: Will we ever have the option to hold X to pick up the flag?

A: We can't rule it out completely, we may come up in the future when we do another CTF update, but it's not in our current plans.

Q: Will we be ever taken out of scope when shot?

A: It's been looked at a couple of times, and I don't think it's gonna happen for this release.

Q: Is Forge precision editing on the table for the future?

A: I don't believe we have any additional plans for Forge improvements but we will keep an open mind for future projects for sure.

Q: For the 1-50 Ranks, you said we can start over so I don't have to make another account to get another 50; What does that reward? Why would I want to start over a rank 1 and do it all over again?

A: The point behind resets is, on ways alot of other games have done, whether it be a preset time after launch, like a game update, a big sandbox re-balance. It wouldn't be extremely regular. The other reason would be to mitigate rank locking, we're still using a similar system and we've been talking to the people who work on the backend of matchmaking to make it so rank locking wouldn't happen. The best way to fight against that would be regular reset that would happen at appropriate times.