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Acetic Theory

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Sentinel is a private military company that was founded in response to the fall of Reach. Reach was one of, if not the most important headquarters for the United Nations Space Command. When the covenant took over reach in the matter of days, faith in the ability of the UNSC to protect humanity dropped to an all time low. Sentinel was founded by a group of experienced military leaders aiming to protect innocent civilians against the covenant in ways the UNSC could not. Today, Sentinel still holds the same values that we established when we were founded: to protect. Sentinel aims to establish friendly relations with as many clans as possible in the community, and serve as the front line of defense against terrorists, or general threats to the stability of the halo clan community.

We are currently looking for members to enlist within our ranks. Our daily activity include but is not limited to raids, battle systems, team tactical, fun customs, matchmaking dominance, competitive nights, and much more. If you are interested, or have any further questions regarding Sentinel, message the CEO of Sentinel (Z4#8217) on discord. See you out in the battlefield!