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Hey Im Swat
Hey Im Swat

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Hey guys,

Although I'm no longer staff here at HaloTracker.com, I thought I'd let you all know that stats for Halo:Reach will be taken OFFLINE FOREVER from 1st March 2018. This means you will no longer be able to view your stats outside the game from that date. This also means HaloTracker.com will no longer track any stats for Halo:Reach from that date.

As I'm no longer staff here, I have no idea what @xorth et al plan to do with Legacy.HaloTracker.com after that date. I can only suggest that you screenshot/whatever your stats BEFORE this date. I suggest contacting him on Twitter: @HTR_Xorth or here.

For more information, please see this link.

If you have any questions, either post them here or ping me on @HeyImSwat


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Thanks for the update halotracker for reach will be missed :(