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Buddy Jumps
Buddy Jumps

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I wanted to ask if the "Report Cheating" option on the old Halo Reach/4 website is still online and if you guys still take new reports. There are still thousands of people, who play Halo Reach and when I look at the leaderboards, I see so many boosted accounts and can't understand why you guys don't do anything about it.
If that job is available I would even do it for free, since I am an honorful player and have been playing Reach since the beginning. I just don't want to give those people with weak attitudes a chance to cheat and boost their stats, just so they feel superior over everyone with their obviously faked stats.
When I see someone like R E C E S S I V E having played 128 games in Grifball, and 27401 kills with a K/D of freaking 1000, and becuase of those boosted stats taking the third place of the leaderboards worldwide, that's enough to make me puke... Yikes! Such a guy on such a position of the leaderboard is just not rightful. Let justice prevail, please.

Buddy Jumps

Hey Im Swat
Hey Im Swat

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Hi, @Buddy Jumps

Sorry but no. We no longer support Halo Reach and 4 which includes reporting cheaters. All our resources and support are entirely focused on Halo 5 and future Halo games.

No longer staff but you're welcome to message me and follow me on Twitter @HeyImSwat