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All hands to battle stations! This is not a drill.
I repeat: this is not a drill!

BigTeamBattle.net is proud to announce our inaugural Halo 5 BTB tournament.
Set to be played on Saturday the 30th of July 2016, with the first match beginning at 12pm PST this will be a one day event. Without further ado here are the details:

BTBnet Summer Tournament 2016 Rules
General Rules:
A team may register no more than [10] players. [8] must be set out as core players with the remaining [2] spots reserved for substitutes.
Every team must meet the minimum requirement of [8] core players on their roster before they will be eligible to compete.
Site administration reserves the right to disqualify, suspend, or ban any player or team from tournament or league participation at any time.
Rosters will be considered "locked" and registration will be closed as of Wednesday the 27th of July 2016. If teams wish to make any alterations to their rosters beyond this point they must contact the tournament administrator (MATCLAN).
The bracket for this tournament will support a maximum of [16] teams.
Tournament format will be as follows:
- Single Elimination bracket
- Best of 5 series for regular matches
- Best of 7 series for the final

Maps & Gametypes:
All maps and gametypes can be found in the Bookmarks list of MATCLAN x MT
Maps & Gametypes:
BTB Artemis – BTB CTF + BTB Slayer (credit to Ad Arcanum & The Psycho Duck)
BTB Fracture – BTB CTF (credit to SquallyDaBeanz)
BTB Guillotine – BTB Strongholds + BTB Slayer (credit to The Psycho Duck)
BTB Scavenger – BTB Stronghold + BTB Slayer (credit to CommanderColson)
BTB Torque – BTB CTF (credit to 343 Indsutries)
Any suspicion of editing maps or gametypes for a match will be reviewed by staff and could incur penalties for teams deemed to be guilty.
All updates or changes to maps or gametypes made after roster lock will be posted publicly. If the files have been previously bookmarked they will have updated automatically.
It is both teams’ responsibility to verify the eligibility of all players participating in a match prior to starting or continuing any match play.
The only players eligible to play in a match are those on each team’s roster at the time of the match being set.
All gamertags on a team’s roster must be valid. The gamertag must be legitimately owned by the user on the roster.
Users are only permitted to be on one roster at any given time.
Gamertags deemed inappropriate by staff may be removed from a roster at any time.

Each team that qualifies for prizes will earn a prize for the 8 registered core players on their roster. If a team determines that a substitute is more deserving of a prize than a core player they must notify staff as such as soon as possible after the conclusion of the tournament.
Prizes include:
1st Place - Jinx HCS T-shirt (player's choice), Jinx HCS cap.
2nd Place - Jinx HCS T-shirt (player's choice)
3rd Place - Halo themed keychain

MVP - Each of the top four teams will be eligible to nominate an MVP. The 4 nominees will then be put to a public vote for a week, with the winner earning an as yet unrevealed prize.

BTB.Net has been doing these for the last few Halo games and they are always a ton of fun so grab some friends and lets play some Big Team Battle.
Link to site and forum post.


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I love Halo 5 but BTB is garbage I hate the maps. Too cluttered simple is better. The few good maps from Halo 3 rarely come up and Slayer doesnt come up enough. You can tell they were planning on Warzone replacing BTB