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Prove yourself against the pro’s and bring home a Philips UHD Ambilight TV!

Visit HERE and find out how to sign up!

Only the best of the best get to take on 343. So starting October 30th, ESL will host a two week ladder tournament, with the top 5 teams qualify for the main event. A Halo 5 marathon against the world's most experienced players broadcasted live on ESL. So gather your team and start training those thumbs because every win counts.

The prize?
The 8601 Series Philips Ambilight UHD TV is made for gaming marathons. The immersive effect of #Ambilight makes your game more dynamic and also keeps your eyes from getting tired. 4K UHD resolution and 1800 hz perfect motion rate make sure you don’t miss a thing.

For more updates follow http://www.facebook.com/philipstv or visit www.play343.com


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