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Read up about:
-Love at first site
-Next Week's Matchmaking Playlist Update
-War Games Community Update

Next Week's Matchmaking Playlist Update:
-Grifball Playlist
-Engineer and Stalker specializations unlocked
-Forge Playlist sticking around for another week
-Infinity Challenges Finals ended, final winner’s announcement within the next few weeks

War Games Community Update:
-Competitive Skill Rank, targeted launch date is April 2013
-Playlist Rotations Going Forward
-Future Playlists and Modes
-Upcoming DLC announcement


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Thanks for posting.


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Posted this yesterday night.


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CSR launch date April 2013, are you kidding me? I'd bet $100 that come April it'll get pushed back again.

Welcome to Month 3 of the Halo 4 Beta....


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I'm going to draw that yellow Spartan.

x M o n k e y
x M o n k e y

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i think if the CSR launch doesnt boost the population in this game, then halo 4 will be doomed for sure

i dont think its going to change much in MM

Just FF on this account :)
No H4 MM on this account, not my main account :)