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trn will not update gamertag

By xixVestalxix

By xixVestalxix
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HTR Score screwed up

By InsaneTargaryen

By Shaun169
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Regional Ranking


By Hey Im Swat
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help, trying to link my accounts

By Travis Bron
#halo5  #i 

By Hey Im Swat
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Need help verifying my gt to my account.

By Scott Hoffer

By Hey Im Swat
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My halo 5 medals not been updated

By guestybenJR

By Hey Im Swat
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H5 FFA Players

By omgodslayer

By Hey Im Swat
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Halo 5 Forge map brings Star Wars podracing to the masses.

By RhippiN

By Cortana
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KD and Win/Loss for last 7 days, 1 Month, all time

By jjoles

By Hey Im Swat
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Highest Multikill

By A Random Moa

By Kephrii
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What The Friday - Top 5

By Auto

By Auto
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Halo World Championship

By DaKingJG23
#halo5  #win  #hcs 

By DaKingJG23
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Free Agent: ze Impulse

By ze Impulse

By Hey Im Swat
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Special bonus if you purchase Halo 5 on a military base

By Sengir79

By Jester
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